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Viewpoints is now part of PowerReviews

PowerReviews helps companies engage with consumers everywhere at the moment of purchase to drive sales, improve the customer experience, and create actionable insights.

The PowerReviews Consumer Engagement Engine is used by more than 1,000 brands and retailers around the world to collect customer reviews and answer customer questions. The PowerReviews syndication network provides brands unparalleled access to in-market consumers as they search and shop through both the largest retailers and search engines.

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Reviews Simplified

Viewpoints is the only consumer review platform where in-market shoppers engage directly with brands and with each other to gain insights that help them discover the best products to meet their specific needs. Since inception Viewpoints has collected millions of reviews of more than 50,000 products across more than 9,000 brands while helping more than 130 million shoppers make more informed decisions. While Viewpoints has years of experience working with major brands and retailers, the company only recently opened its platform up to both brands and retailers to give them access to the technology, reviews and data that help them collect, manage and syndicate reviews of their products.

Viewpoints offers three solutions for brands and retailers:

Viewpoints Pulse is a review-management tool that makes it easy for brands to collect reviews of their products, display those reviews on their site and on retailer sites and syndicate those reviews to Google. Viewpoints takes care of moderation and syndication for brands and encourages consumers to share on social media platforms to further amplify the impact of reviews.


Viewpoints Connect is a review-syndication solution that makes it easy for retailers to embed authentic and high-quality reviews onto their site. Retailers can tap into the existing Viewpoints database of reviews to introduce reviews on their site for the first time or augment their existing reviews and also work with Viewpoints to engage its large community of reviewers to generate new reviews of recently released products.


Viewpoints Media Solutions makes it easy for brands and retailers to reach more than 10 million in-market shoppers who are reading reviews and looking for both the best product and the right retailer. Viewpoints offers high-impact, rich-media IAB ad units and industry leading targeting, personalization and re-targeting and audience extension opportunities.