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Apple iPhone customer satisfaction survey

Ever since the Apple iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs, it has been a constant source of discussion here in the Viewpoints Network office.  One of our web designers was among the first in line at the Chicago Apple store and upon using it for a day he declared in his review "This Will Change Everything" .  Since then we have had 140 other Viewpoints members review the iPhone and 51% of those gave it five stars and it received an average of 4.26 which is very good, but not with out complaints.

So, because we are curious little critters, we decided to poll the 140 people who had written their reviews and ask them to complete a survey on their satisfaction with the phone now that they have had more time to really use it.  Had the luster worn off?  Was the bloom off the rose? Or, was Kyle right.  Did it change everything?

So the first thing we did was the survey.  Click here to see the all the questions we asked.   (feel free to take the survey yourself!) We had about a 20% response rate to the survey request, which while maybe a research professional might think we need a larger sample size, we think this is a pretty good indication of what iPhone users think.   One obvious self selection bias here is that we only surveyed people who took the time to write a review of their iPhone. In the interest of complete transparency here are the full results.   

I have attached the press release we wrote up on this but let me first highlight a few of things that really jumped out at me:

  1. Right off the bat an impressive 88% of people said that the Apple iPhone exceeded their expectations. For a product with incredibly high expectations that is pretty amazing.
  2. What is even more amazing, is that 70% of the respondents said they told everyone they knew about their iPhone.  70%! wow. And 65% of the respondents report that at least one person purchased on as a result of their endorsement.  In Kyle’s case it just might have been 20+.
  3. I was also surprised to see that 72% of the respondents said that they were already an AT&T customer.   What that says to me is that when people start rolling off their two year commitments with Verizon the iPhone is likely to see another bump in sales.

We also surveyed non iPhone customers so that we had a benchmark.  The levels of satisfaction are about the same with a 4+ rating at 69% for non iPhone customers vs 74% for iPhone customers.  I was shocked to read that 50% of the respondents had not had any exposure to the iPhone.  However, I do think it bodes well for Apple that 15% of our non iPhone respondents stated their intention to buy one in the next 12 months.


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