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New video about the Viewpoints Community

For the past several months I have been looking for a way to better communicate our core value proposition to both prospective reviewers and members of the press.  Since starting Viewpoints In August of 2006 our vision has remained consistent.  We want to put the reviewer on a pedastel and help feature their personality so that readers could better appreciate where they are coming from.  When you are reading reviews, don’t you really want to find reviews from people like you?  You have particular in books, movies, restaurants, and very specific needs when it comes to buying a car, picking a school and even finding a home service contractor.   So, you tell me, does this video help communicate that vision

One Comment on “New video about the Viewpoints Community”

  1. Keith S says:

    Love the video! I think it really does a great job of communicating the vision. It really pulls off the inspirational / dreamy tone as well. The only thing I think it’s missing is a clear call to action at the end. Even just closing with one last sentence like, “Let’s share our point of view on the site and help the others like us!”

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