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Viewpoints Update – May 2009

NOTE: This is an e-mail sent out to my personal e-mail list.  I thought it might also be intersting to others who are not on that list but want to learn more about what is going on here at Viewpoints.

It has been about 90 days since my last update about developments here at Viewpoints.  Wow!  It has been an exciting time and crazy busy.  On May 7th we officially launched the Viewpoints Technology Platform and also announced the launch of and on the platform.   During the same time, continues as one of the fastest growing consumer reviews site on the Internet.  We had more than 1.5 million consumers using our platform last month and are on pace to have more than 2 million this month.  We are also about to cross the 500,000 registered user mark.  As we approach the three year anniversary of the founding of the company I am pleased to report that we are profitable and growing like a weed!

On the media side of our business we continue to work with a stable of blue chip brands such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, Kraft, SC Johnson, and several Proctor & Gamble brands to help them reach a) in-market consumers who are actively researching purchases and b) social influencers who are active online contributors.   Take a look at the results of a campaign we ran with Kraft  for Philadelphia Spinach and Artichoke Cream Cheese and one we ran with SC  Johnson for their Windex Outdoor All In One Cleaner.

And on the technology licensing side of our business, we are seeing tremendous interest in the Viewpoints Technology Platform.  You can read some of the great press we've received in the last few days and even check out the favorable write up in Tech Crunch.  If you know of any retail, travel or media companies that want to better engage their customers tell them to talk to us about ways that we can leverage the Viewpoints Technology Platform to help them collect reviews, solicit ideas, engage in discussions and ultimately create a vibrant and valuable online community for their customers and prospects.

Of course no update would be complete without a few recommendations:

And on a final note, we have been hiring new employees at a fast and furious rate.  Please welcome Paula Cooper, Laurel Stiles, Ashley Barthel, Nik Krimm, and Rahul Matta to the Viewpoints team.

We are moving into larger offices later this summer, bringing several more people on board, launching more sites and releasing some innovative new enhancements to our platform.   Hopefully it won't take me another 90 days to write again, but just in case, have a great summer and don't be a stranger!


Matt Moog
Viewpoints Network

P.S. – for pure entertainment value take a look at Kyle's blog. Kyle is one of our developers. He recently moved out of his apartment, bought an Air Stream and is now traveling around the country. He stopped by the office this week and gave us all a tour. He might have the only Air Stream with a Tivo, a Wii and a Mac Book Pro and three different ways to get on the Internet. Check it out here:

One Comment on “Viewpoints Update – May 2009”

  1. Fred Gale says:

    Hey Matt:
    Sounds like Viewpoints is doing well and I have heard the buzz about your Technology Platform. For the last 8 months, I have been working for Adknowledge as Midwest Director of Sales. I have really honed my sales skills (and confidence)since the days of our Q local initiative! It has been a lot of fun. Anyway, I recently met with Mindshare Chicago to discuss an opportunity with American Family Insurance. Among Adknowledge’s portfolio of services is display in social applications. American Family is very interested in building relationships/engaging with consumers and policyholders through a more casual social context. It’s possible that your Tech Platform could be of interest. Mindshare told American Family’s strategy is a bit of ‘me too’ on Allstate’s efforts. So Allstate may also be worth calling and they are in our backyard. Insurance doesn’t immediately come to mind as a viable category for Viewpoint’s service but you never know.
    Good luck with your business.
    I was sorry to hear about Sue…she was an amazing person.

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