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Viewpoints Update – August 2009

Here's a recent update I sent out to my email contacts but wanted to share here for those of you who aren't on the list but might find it interesting.


It has been about ten weeks since our last update. Believe it or not, Viewpoints will celebrate its three year anniversary later this week.  I am pleased to report that even in this tough economy Viewpoints is a thriving, growing and profitable social technology and media company that is adding clients, hiring lots of new employees and doubling the size of its offices.   As you may recall, about a year ago we made the strategic decision to build a new product called the Viewpoints Technology Platform which enables us to  power private label communities for clients who are focused on helping their customers make smarter decisions by using reviews, guides, discussion boards, blogs and other tools of the social web.  This move to offer a social technology platform builds on the lessons we have learned building our own growing community.  We are happy to report that  continues to post double digit growth and attract blue chip advertisers.

Our unique user count has grown to 2.3 million users and we have registered more than 450,000 consumers who are actively creating profiles, writing reviews, participating in discussions and sharing their experiences with their own social network and other in-market shoppers who are actively researching a purchase decision.


Here are a couple of the highlights of the last eight weeks that you may want to take a look at:

1.   We launched a completely new reputation and recognition engine that helps clients decide what type of social media and community behavior they want to track, encourage, recognize and reward.  Take a look at the leaderboard on and see how powerful the new badging capability can be.

2.   We also launched a new "in-line" review integration capability that allows clients to seamlessly integrate community with commerce.  Now your customers (and employees!) can write and read reviews directly from your site while also engaging with your brand in ways they never have before by commenting, voting, sharing, discussing, uploading photos, and ultimately earning badges that recognize their level of contributions. Take a look at these examples of a Craftsman Drill or this Nordic Track Treadmill.  This inline capability also comes with advanced three tier content moderation and on-demand reporting to keep your merchants up to date on what customers are saying.

3.   For an idea of what we are talking about when we talk about social profiles and truly engaging your customers take a look this profile of jeeperpilot I get a kick out of the "Like father like son" lawn mowers.

4.   Speaking of social, in partnership with a company called JanRain, we also launched the ability for users of the Viewpoints Technology Platform to enable their customers to log-in using their Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, Twitter, Windows Live and Open ID accounts.Take a look here and feel free to give it a whirl!

5.   We have also been very gratified by the response we have received from leading brands (Proctor & Gamble, SC Johnson, Kraft, Kenmore, Whirlpool etc) who are looking to a) reach in-market consumers or b) those who are launching new products and looking to encourage reviews and peer to peer recommendations through our Social Influencer Programs.

So, as you can see, the team here at Viewpoints has been very busy!!

In keeping with our mission to help consumer make smarter decisions, I have a few recommendations of my own.  Check out my recent reviews of Google Tasks, the EarthBox Garden Kit and the Scotts Push Mower.  And, if you are drooling over the new MacBook Pro, here is a great review from our designer, Vytas.  And just because it will make you smile, take a look at our VP of Sales, Kim Smith Dolehide's pictures on her profile page from her recent trip to a wedding in Lagos, Nigeria.

I would also like to welcome Gauri Sharma, Amy Wittenberg, Kim Felix, and Rachel Aguiar  to the team.  Check out their profiles and send them a message saying hello!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and please reach out to us if you know of any companies looking to a) reach in-market buyers, b) create positive word of mouth and find hard to reach social influencers, and c) build online communities that drive business results, and provide customer insight and loyalty.


Matt Moog
Viewpoints Network


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