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November 2009 Quick Update

As we race into the last six weeks of 2009 I am pleased to report that Viewpoints continues to experience fantastic growth on every front.

Hiring: we have nearly tripled the size of our staff in the last year and still have ten open positions. Do you know of any A+ players looking to join a profitable and fast growing social technology and media company?  We are currently recruiting front end developers, product managers, ad sales, writers and designers.  Please forward this e-mail to anyone who might be interested.  We also recently moved into our new digs at 222 West Hubbard in Chicago.  Check out the cool windows on the conference room!

Traffic: we hit 2.8 million unique monthly users of The Viewpoints Technology Platform in October; a 200% increase from a year ago! Nearly 600,000 consumers have registered and created profiles, contributed reviews, participated in discussions and shared their experiences with the broader social web.  Recent rankings from also showed that was the fastest growing user reviews site on the web over the last 12 months.

New Launches: We also launched Smart Shoppers Unite and also replaced BazaarVoice on

The Viewpoints Technology Platform: We signed another very well known top tier retailer who will launch their community on The Viewpoints Technology Platform very early next year. If you know of any retailers or brands that are looking for ways to take their social commerce strategy to the next level in 2010, please have them call or e-mail me.

And of course, what would an update be without a few quick recommendations?!

  1. The Lost Symbol - by Dan Brown – I loved it and could not put it down. Seriously.
  2. Amazon Kindle DX - even better than the original.  Love the new format and cool new features.
  3. The Posse Foundation - a super powerful initiative to identify and support future leaders. Posse is my new favorite not for profit that is incredibly efficient and innovative in their approach.
  4. The Park Hyatt - Washington, DC – one of my favorite hotels in DC.  A Zen like calm overtakes me everytime I am there.  And Barack and Michelle celebrated their anniversary at Blue Duck Tavern in the restaurant when we were there!  How cool is that?

Enjoy the holidays!

Matt Moog

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