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Viewpoints Social Influencer Program Mechanics

Things the Viewpoints Advertising team believes in:

  1. The power of consumer recommendations

  2. The necessity of authenticity
  3. The pervasiveness of Search engines

  4. There’s way more to Social Media Marketing than Facebook
    fan pages
  5. And the profound joy of warm weather

Although I find myself distracted by #5 as I write this on a
cold February day in Chicago, the truth is we actually spend a ton of time
thinking about items 1-4.  In fact, we
think we’ve crafted a fairly compelling solution for brands who want to engage
with consumers in a social media environment, but in a way that is more
creative than a fan page, much less gimmicky than some of the social media stunts
out there, and ultimately creates true, authentic value for brands.

Called our Social Influencer Program, it is a
straight-forward way for brands to get your products into the hands of their
target consumers, make it easy for them to recommend you to friends and family,
and leverages the Viewpoints platform and community to spread the word to
millions of in-market shoppers. 

Here’s a short presentation that takes you through the
program mechanics – we think you’ll agree, it’s simple, straight-forward, and
most importantly, effective.

Viewpoints Social Influencer Program Overview

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