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We’ve Got Moms!

The latest news from eMarketer and BabyCenter is that moms, especially Millennial moms, are using technology as an integral part of their day-to-day parenting experiences.

According to a BabyCenter spokesperson,

“Tech brands who truly listen to moms and deliver products that empower them and make their lives a little easier will no doubt have the competitive edge in a very crowded marketplace.”

Viewpoints offers companies the chance to reach these moms, and create an ongoing dialogue with these influential members of the digital community. The Viewpoints core users are: women, age 25-54, who shop online, have children, and own their own homes. What’s more, the members and readers on our site are IN-MARKET AND READY TO BUY!

Your company can position itself on Viewpoints and be top of mind as these moms research and learn more about their potential purchases. Click here to learn more.