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Easily generate new product reviews with the Viewpoints Product Seeding Platform

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Product Seeding Platform.  What is it exactly, you ask?  Simply, it’s a no-cost way to for brands to get their products into consumers’ hands, generate reviews and word-of-mouth, and make those customer recommendations readily found via Search Engine traffic.            

To understand how the program works, click on the Product Seeding Platform Overview for details.

Understanding why the program works is just as easy. Our community members are already predisposed and willing to share product feedback and opinions with companies and consumers.  Some do this because they had an amazing experience with a product, some because they had a horrible one, and some just have that innate, altruistic desire to help others. So when our partners actively engage these already motivated consumers and provide free samples or products to try, our community responds in droves. This creates a pool of interested, engaged, socially connected consumers who will try your product, provide thoughtful feedback, and tell others about it – online and in person.  Because all of this is housed on the Viewpoints Technology Platform, and therefore entirely optimized for SEO, your brand benefits from on-going traffic to its reviews.

Our Product Seeding Platform is a no-cost, entry level program – designed to give you a taste of the power of consumer reviews. We also offer full blown, robust Social Influencer Programs for anyone ready to take the power of Social Commerce to the next level. Call us today to find out more. 

It’s free. It’s fun. It works. What are you waiting for?