ViewpointsOur Company launches new blog, The Goods

When went live in 2007, the idea was to
create a community in which regular consumers could review their purchases and
then other consumers could use that information to help them make smart buying
decisions. That plan has worked well, and we now have a vibrant community of
more than 350,000
active members. recently decided to enhance its original content
beyond user-submitted consumer reviews with a new blog called The Goods. The
purpose of The Goods is to alert consumers to new products and trends and to
give expert advice about products our users are particularly interested in.
Moving forward, we will be taking information about what our users are looking
for and then investigating claims about those products to give our users a
clearer idea about whether or not they should spend their hard-earned money.
This new content initiative is meant to enhance what our reviewers are writing
to help give them even more ammunition in their battle to buy the best.