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Getting social with your e-commerce site

Nielsen recently released a report showing an 82% year-over-year increase in time spent on social media sites, primarily Facebook and Twitter.  As a marketer, you’re probably not surprised by this stat. And, like other marketers, you may already have increased the budget you allocate to social networks and applications because you understand how much time your customers are interacting with one another on social sites.

But as a marketer, are you considering the “social-ness” of your own e-commerce site in addition to sites like Facebook? Integrating social offerings like product reviews, blogs and discussions on your e-commerce site can greatly increase customer engagement by promoting interactions between users. All of those conversations about your product can result in great SEO benefit too.

The Viewpoints Technology Platform’s hosted technology solution provides all of the customer feedback opportunities listed above, but also gives users the opportunity to create their own personalized Social Profile. The Social Profile lets customers  comment on reviews, vote on ideas, upload photos, follow other customers, receive badges and rewards for their actions and more – all while driving measurable and incremental traffic and sales, uncovering actionable customer insight and building and promoting brand loyalty and customer advocacy. Content becomes living and dynamic and is shaped by the conversations all around it.  All the while, users can further share these conversations with social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  What could be more social than that?