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All reviews are not created equal.

We all know that Reviews = Increased Sales & Increased Traffic.
But, reviews in the RIGHT CATEGORIES =
Exponential Sales & Exponential Traffic.

Have you done the math to see the value of a review at the category level? Product level?

What are you waiting for? Stop looking at just aggregate sales and traffic lift from reviews. Start doing category analysis now to determine where you should focus your consumer review efforts.

Below are a few basic steps you can take to start your analysis:

  • Step 1: Benchmark your traffic and revenue by category without reviews.
  • Step 2: Enable reviews on your site and monitor traffic and revenue lift.
  • Step 3: Now, segment your data by category. Are you seeing your revenue/product higher in selected categories?
  • Step 4: Next, look at your SEO traffic by category. Are some categories higher traffic than others?
  • Step 5: Repeat the above steps at a subcategory level

Through this analysis you will see which categories of reviews are driving the bulk of your increased performance. Reviews on appliances may have more SEO value than reviews on televisions. Likewise, reviews on digital cameras may drive more sales than reviews on luggage. You will have more exposure to where you should focus consumer contributions.

Now that you are informed, guide your visitor contributions. ASK your visitors to contribute reviews in your key categories. The reality- all reviews are not created equal. Solicit reviews in all categories, but consider additional incentives to drive reviews in key categories on the site.