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Viewpoints Technology Platform Launches Publisher Sharing

Reviews already generate tremendous SEO value by driving interested customers – who are in the final decision stages of a purchase – back to reviews about your product. Now you can extend your product reviews even further on the most popular social networking sites, increasing the exposure of your products, the reach of your reviews, and driving new registrations. Further, by sharing reviews with their social network, your customers are speaking to other potential customers who trust them the most – their friends and family.

When a customer writes a review, they will be asked to share their review on Facebook and Twitter.  After they’ve enabled a connection and completed a share, they can do so again and again with a single click.


The posts include links back to the review where the customer’s social network can read the full review and product details.


As always, we’ll protect your brand by moderating the review; reviews won’t be posted to social networks until they’ve been moderated and approved.

This feature augments our reader share capability, which allows users to share any content they read on the community with their social network, including product reviews, blogs and more.

Publisher and Reader sharing is a standard feature of our Reviews product, so it’s easy to get incremental exposure, reach and new registrations with every review!