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Viewpoints Editorial Calendar creates opportunities for brand alignment and customer engagement

We're happy to announce the launch of
the new Viewpoints Editorial Department and 2010 Editorial Calendar with plenty
of opportunities for you to engage your customers, raise awareness and drive
increased sales for your brand. has become the fastest growing reviews site on the web
because of our robust user contributed product reviews and discussions. 

we saw an opportunity to complement our user-generated content by adding
content from a seasoned editorial team.Editorial-Calendar

editors are charged with finding gems and trends from among the hundreds of
thousands of consumer reviews on Viewpoints, and blowing them out with
additional product research, expert interviews, buying guides, and engaging
editorial features highlighting new and popular products.

Our editorial aims to provide advice and answers to questions that's
clear and concise and created in a manner that's fun and accessible.  Our
ultimate goal is to help consumers make smarter purchase decisions.  

The launch of our Editorial
Department creates several NEW advertising opportunities for you to

  1. Get your products featured on Viewpoints and
    considered for review by our Editorial team

  2. Expand Social Influencer Programs (where
    members review your products) with editorial highlights and
  3. Extend targeted media campaigns to align your
    brand with relevant, topical themes that rotate seasonally on the site
  4. Take advantage of ownership opportunities to exclusively
    sponsor high profile monthly themes, like Laundry Month
  5. Partner with our editorial team to co-create
    custom content, for an example see Moen's Home Remodeling Guide

We've just published our 2010 Editorial Calendar and we are
actively aligning sponsors with various content themes and looking for exciting
new products to feature.   We'd love to find opportunities to help
consumers make smarter purchase decisions about YOUR brands and products!