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How competitive are your customers?

People are competitive. It’s human nature. Recognizing this, the U.S. Census Bureau has created a clever website using Google Maps. Each day, people can check to see how their community’s Census response rate stacks up against their neighbors and other communities across the country. It’s no small matter for the government; every percentage point increase in the national mail response rate saves we, the taxpayers, about $85 million dollars.

What the Census Bureau has done is a great example of tapping into people’s competitive energy to motivate behavior. The Mayors of St. Louis and Kansas City are already laying down bets.

The Viewpoints Technology Platform fosters engagement in similar ways. Members of a Viewpoints-powered community earn points and accumulate badges for their community participation and can see where they rank on a community’s leaderboard. It’s all part of our Social Loyalty EngineSM.

How competitive are your customers? Can they can catch up with Patty, our top-ranked contributor on, who has written over 1,500 reviews (which have been read over a million times) and has contributed to over 1,200 discussions? Please: no wagering.