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The Viewpoints Culture

As the CEO, I often get asked about the culture here at Viewpoints. My answer is a reflection of how I see the company today and where I see it going in the future.  In this respect, the following is both a description of our culture and an expression of what we consider important.  We will continue to evolve and improve in all of these areas.

1.   We are a team of committed, results oriented “A-players” who work hard and have fun doing it. Everyone at every level rolls up their sleeves and contributes.

2.   We believe in great products. We are passionate about the user experience.

3.   We have a history of being very responsive to our clients and we are proud of delivering outstanding client service.

4.   Our mission is to help people make smarter decisions. We believe in the power of online communities to help people share their personal experiences and help consumers make better informed decisions. We believe we will make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people by realizing our mission.

5.   We are focused on sustainable and profitable growth. We have been careful with the capital entrusted to us and that allows us to control our own destiny. This leads us to look for validation of our ideas before we place big bets.

6.   We are collaborative and inclusive in the way we run the business. We are big believers in regular and effective communication. We love and encourage constant feedback.

7.   We work hard to set clear objectives and goals and give team members the freedom to make decisions and drive accountable results. We want Viewpoints to be known as a place where you get lots of responsibility and have a sense of pride and ownership of the results

8.   We hold ourselves to high ethical standard and seek to be as transparent as possible.