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Green sponsorship and engagement opportunities abound with EcoScene acquisition

Viewpoints recent purchase of EcoScene, a Chicago-based consumer reviews website focused on green products, creates several new opportunities for companies to engage eco-friendly consumers and align their brands with relevant environmentally conscious editorial and product information.

Although consumers clearly care about sustainable products – in fact, in a recent survey, 54% of the Viewpoints members polled said they are interested in buying more green products – it is important to remember that the products do have to deliver on their promises and work. One of the best ways to dispel skepticism is to get green products into the hands and homes of regular everyday consumers. Let folks try them out for themselves; there are few more convincing ways to demonstrate that there are easy product substitutions – like moving from plastic bags to ecobags – that can add up to make a big difference.

Viewpoints Social Influencer Programs – now with a green twist – allows brands to do exactly this. With the recently integrated EcoScene members as well as Viewpoints' core community, we have a contingent of passionate, vocal and connected consumers who are open to trying, buying, and providing feedback on environmentally sustainable products. Additionally, with our editorial team's increased focus on uncovering the newest, best and most helpful green products and companies, there are also plenty of opportunities to align your brand with this content through display advertising.