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Matt Moog Interviewed on Crain’s Blog, Enterprise City

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 April 23, 2010

More great coverage of Viewpoints' acquisition of the green product review site, Ecoscene. Today, Matt did a Q&A interview with Steve Hendershot for the Crain's Chicago Business blog, Enterprise City. Steve talked to Matt about the Ecoscene acquisition and a bit about how the company is licensing The Viewpoints Technology Platform to help retailers build their own online reviews communities.

Here's a bit from the article:

>>Crain’s: You also license your technology for retailers to create networks such as Describe the philosophy behind those networks—what are you trying to achieve?

 We don’t really believe in creating a social network for a retailer, trying to replicate Facebook or trying to create a community for community’s sake. Our networks are more directed and results-driven. Our concept is that if you pursue an effort like this, you should be able to drive traffic and sales, gain significant insight into what your customers want, and then drive customer advocacy. Word of mouth is the most powerful influencer in almost any business, when people have positive experiences with your product and then tell other people about it. So we’re helping to facilitate and amplify the most powerful driver of business.<<

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