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What makes a ‘great’ Post-Transactional email?

As businesses look to increase the number of reviews on
their ecommerce site, sending post-transactional review requests is simply a
no-brainer.  In a world where customers are flooded with emails from
retailers, it is important that your post-transactional emails deliver on their
goal—i.e. to increase review conversion. 


According to Viewpoints' research, the following tenets will
your customers
to respond to the call to action and write a review

(1) Pique the Recipient's Interest:

  • Create
    an Enticing / Non-Intimidating  Subject Line that includes a clear
    value proposition. The customer is always thinking—“what is in it for me?”
  • Make
    the email personal by addressing the recipient by their first name.


(2) Be Conversational:

  • Ensure
    that your message is short and to the point.

(3) Allow for Immediate Action:

  • Be
    relevant by including the product image and name with Direct link(s) to
    review the product.
  • Include
    a  Single Call to Action; don’t confuse the member by using the body
    of the email for promoting sales, announcements etc.
  • Include
    Review Writing Tips. Many people find the task of ‘writing’ intimidating;
    include a couple of pointers to make the task appear easy.  

(4) Evaluate the right time to trigger the email:

  • Think
    about sending the email based on your best estimate of when your customer
    is likely to have used the product and formed an initial opinion about it.
  • For
    example: Movie rentals – 1 week, Appliances – 30 days, Electronics – 14
    days etc.