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One great truism is that there is no substitute for
experience. It’s one of the things that really drives our site overall – people
share their candid experience with products so that other people can learn what
they know and can then make smart, informed decisions before making a purchase.

Now we are ready to take that situation to the next level. Viewpoints
is looking for expert bloggers who want to be guest bloggers on our consumer
products trends and advice blog, The Goods. We want to develop relationships
with a network of bloggers who want to expand their reach, so that their
expertise and experience can positively impact more people. We are looking for
bloggers who focus on appliances, electronics, beauty products, baby products,
fitness, health, food, drinks and pets. If you are interested in being a guest
blogger on Viewpoints, please contact the site’s Managing Editor, John Thomas,
for all the details, at