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Partnering With Charities Helps Viewpoints Grow

This past week we kicked off a new partnership initiative at called Reviews for Charity program.  This program is part acquisition, part charitable contribution, and part social media fundraising all designed to be at total win-win for our charity partners and for the community.  We will be working with six charities between August and December of this 2010, and providing them the chance to earn up to $5,000 just for engaging their membership in writing reviews on  In an economy that continues to make fundraising difficult for organizations of any size, this is an incredibly easy way for non profits to earn real dollars while Viewpoints gets the chance to introduce our helpful first person consumer reviews to a host of new eyeballs. Here are the details:

  1. If chosen, we will work closely with each charity to write copy, design e-mails, and create appropriate ad units for the campaign;
  2. When it is that charity's designated month, they will send two separate e-mails out, including at least 50% of their e-mail list each time, to inform and encouraging their constituency to participate in the review writing for dollars program. Additional marketing (via social media, e-newsletters, etc.) will be encouraged but not required;
  3. The charity is then eligible to receive $1 per qualifying review up to $5,000 – meaning 5,000 reviews can be written on behalf of that charity during the 30 day time frame. In addition we will also offer a $5,000 prize to the charity that has the most reviews written during their month, that prize will be awarded at the end of 2010.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Reviews for Charity program please click here