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Viewpoints Network Launches Post-Purchase Emails

This week, we announched the launch of our Post-Purchase Email solution for retailers. The product allows VTP partners to trigger a targeted email to their recent online buyers asking them to write a review of the product they’ve just purchased. With Post-Purchase Emails, retailers now have a simple solution to engage with an active customer group to encourage their participation and drive increased SEO-rich review content for their site. 

Review volume and quality is critical to a successful reviews program. Post-Purchase Emails help increase engagement by driving consumers back to a retailer's e-commerce site while a product is still fresh in their mind. These consumers' reviews are particularly valuable since they come from verified buyers.

Retailers can trigger up to 3 post-purchase emails—including an initial email after the consumer makes a purchase and two additional emails for non-responders—and can configure each to be sent in a specific time period. To better facilitate response, the email creative includes embedded product images and links back to products on the retailer’s e-commerce site.

We manage all aspects of the email, including targeting, creative, and opt-out management. We'll also help you maximize responsiveness and review conversion by developing promotions based on our best practices.

We're excited to add another engagement-driving solution to our suite of products. For more information, check out our press release here.