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Smart people share their stuff at Viewpoints

Last week, Viewpoints conducted a series of employee "Lunch & Learns" aimed at helping our growing staff learn about various subject matters from internal experts. Topics ranged from Search Engine Optimization Training from our SEO gurus, Technical Architecture Concepts for non-technies, conducted by our lead architect, Agile 101 led by our technical team leads and Understanding the Design Process by our designers. Each presenter infused their personality into their presentations; many sessions utilized traditional PowerPoint, but others included quizzes (and prizes), or were presented on white boards or iPads.  It was a great opportunity for us to get outside the comfort zones of our own teams and disciplines and learn more about what others within the company are doing. The response to the Lunch & Learns was overwhelmingly positive, with requests for encores and noted appreciation for the hard but interesting work people are doing throughout the company. I, for one, can now speak (somewhat) intelligently about cloud computing after attending the Architecture Concepts session, so I consider that a great success!