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Product Reviews Site Updates Consumer Experience, Making It Easier to Access Consumer Reviews Before Purchasing Products

CHICAGO – March 5, 2012 – today unveiled a fully redesigned website to better translate the everyday experience of product owners into the intelligence needed to make more informed purchase decisions. Focusing on the components that lead to true credibility — content quality, user relevancy, and design clarity — Viewpoints has reinvented the collection, analysis, and presentation of consumer reviews to help the end-consumer tell the difference between commoditized products and discover and identify those exceptional products that can enhance their everyday lives.

“Consumers today are faced with an overwhelming number of product choices with an even more staggering amount of product attributes,” said Matt Moog, Viewpoints founder and CEO. “Even in the current climate, price is not the only factor at play; the mindful consumer is also concerned with reliability, long-term durability and design. Users rely on our site for consumer-driven intelligence to connect the dots and discover how products work, look, and feel before bringing them home.”

Viewpoints offers reviews of home goods, consumer electronics, baby and child products, health and fitness products and equipment, beauty products, and more. Unlike other consumer review experiences, Viewpoints synthesizes the reviews and provides an easy-to-use scoring and ranking system so users can easily see which products rank supreme.

The new features several enhancements to help site visitors capitalize on its rich product intelligence including:

  • Product Scores: Viewpoints scores products on a scale of 1-100 and also rates products based on specific features and performance
  • Category Rankings: Product are ranked and featured on the site from highest to lowest overall score
  • Research Lists:  While researching, users can also save product discoveries for future access both onsite and on-the-go

In addition to the standard feature of logging in with Facebook credentials, Viewpoints users can now see friends who are on both Facebook and Viewpoints and immediately read reviews written by friends. Viewpoints also offers the opportunity for consumers to share products they are considering for purchase. This allows Viewpoints users to solicit feedback from friends on potential purchases, and brands can gain consumer awareness as their products are discussed on social networks.

Shifts in mobile consumer behavior also influenced Viewpoints’ decision to make its site mobile-friendly. A January report from The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project showed that during the 2011 holiday season, 52 percent of adult cellphone owners used their devices while making purchase decisions in a physical store. In particular, 24 percent of owners looked up product reviews as they shopped.

“In many ways, we went back to the drawing board,” said Moog. “We looked anew at the shopping experience, tested out concepts with consumers, and analyzed online behavior to uncover the gaps in the available services when making a purchase decision. Then we reinvented our product from the ground up to meet those unmet needs.”

Through research, the Viewpoints team discovered a disconnect between the buyer’s decision-making process and the approach taken by most online review sources. Consumers are bombarded with massive amounts of content without clear conclusions. Or they may purchase formal published reports by paid experts who test products in controlled, lab environments. Viewpoints offers a different perspective: authentic, first-hand experience of product owners translated into definitive, easy-to-use product recommendations.

“With so many products having similar utility functions, the only way to distinguish between them is how they stand up to the test of everyday life and how they perform over time,” said Jolie Fleming, vice president and general manager of Viewpoints. “Products being sold in the marketplace might all seem the same, but they have subtle differences when examined more closely. Helping people tell the difference in order to make better purchase decisions is our priority.”

Viewpoints is also revealing its new brand identity, complete with a new company logo and tagline, as well as a new set of design standards.

About Viewpoints

From its Chicago headquarters, Viewpoints has been guiding savvy consumers to make smart purchasing decisions since 2007. Viewpoints offers more than 600,000 reviews of 90,000 products from more than 250,000 reviewers.  More than 70 million consumers have visited the site seeking product reviews. Based on the unbiased opinions expressed by its reviewers, Viewpoints translates authentic end-user insights into meaningful product rankings and recommendations—making us one of the most trusted resources for consumer product intelligence. Viewpoints was nominated in 2011 as a company to watch by the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center. To learn more about our team and how we’re striving to make the everyday shopping experience better, check out our website at

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