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Baby Formula Reviews on Viewpoints: Consumers Rate Store Brands Highest

An analysis of baby formula reviews on Viewpoints, a national consumer reviews and product rankings website, finds consumers rate generic baby formula highest for ease of digestion and preparation.  

Chicago – September 14, 2012–  Parents want the best baby formula when deciding to bottle-feed their infants, and reviews on Viewpoints ( show the most popular products are the least expensive. Baby formula sold under store brands at Target, Walmart and Costco consistently get the most positive reviews.

Viewpoints top-rated milk-based formula

Viewpoints ranks up & up infant formula with iron advantage the highest of cow’s milk formulas, with a rating of 94/100 based on the consumer sentiment of 107 reviewers.  It’s sold exclusively at Target (40 oz./$21.99).

“He actually tolerated the Target brand better, a lot less spitting up. When I had my second child, this is the only brand that we bought.” –LeannLane

“Half the price of name brands, same quality!” –sjean78      

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports 80% of formulas are cow’s milk-based, however the popularity of soy-based formula is on the rise.

The “up & up infant formula with iron advantage” sold at Target and “Parent’s Choice Soy-Based Infant Formula” sold at Walmart are among store brands that attract consistently positive reviews on Viewpoints.

Viewpoints top-rated soy-based formula

Parent’s Choice Soy-Based Infant Formula sold at Walmart earns a top score of 93/100 based on the sentiment of 41 reviewers (25.7 oz./$13.97).

“I have three children and have used the soy formula with all of them. Less gas, less spit up, less fussiness. I have tried other brands and all of them disagreed with my three babies.” –CoryBuser

“Within two weeks of starting the Parent’s Choice Soy based formula, he was sleeping through the night. He was crying about a quarter of the amount of time he’d previously fussed.” – JennySweets

“About a million people visit Viewpoints each month to research products of all kinds, from baby formula to dishwashers to mattresses,” says Viewpoints general manager Denise Chudy. “Consumers are passionate about making the right choice, and reviews are increasingly key to that purchase decision.”

Viewpoints ( is a leading consumer reviews and product rankings website with the best home and kitchen appliances, electronics, health and beauty products, baby items and more. The site features 500,000+ unfiltered, authentic end-user reviews and generates an exclusive ranking of products to help consumers find the best value. Both reviews and rankings are available free of charge and without registration.

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