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No No Hair Removal Reviews: Viewpoints Consumers Say Don’t Buy

Smaller Viewpoints logoThe No No Hair removal system promises great results, but reviewers on Viewpoints are unhappy with what they discovered.

The No No Hair removal system promises “no hair, no pain,” but most reviewers on Viewpoints ( state the product isn’t worth the price ($250). The No No is rated 52/100 based on Viewpoints consumer reviews, compared to the average Viewpoints razor category score of 82/100.

Pictures of the No No razorless shaver

Many reviewers on Viewpoints say that the No No has an unpleasant smell and takes too much time to operate.

The No No Hair promises

According to the No No Hair website, the razorless device is “guaranteed to be effective” for “all hair, all skin types.” It can be used “all over the body” in “just a few minutes.”

How the No No Hair works

The No No Hair device burns unwanted hair through “innovative technology known as Thermicon” which will remove hair “once and for all” by “eliminating the follicle itself…without the risk and the pain associated with lasers.”

Users on Viewpoints report an odor:
“…it does nothing but stink up the house.” – shoppingnancy
“The smell of burning hair lingered not only on my skin but in the room for a long time.” — blueberrypie

The No No Hair performance

“You have to move it at a certain speed at a certain angle or else it doesn’t work. I kept thinking I was doing it wrong and rewatched the DVD it didn’t help much.” — jbh099s
“To be honest save your money and time and just shave your legs, the $250 that you put out for the razor plus the $25 you will spend on replacement razors just isn’t worth it. —cmscheidegger

Research on Viewpoints before you buy

“Online consumer reviews are invaluable in cases like this, where real people use the product in real life application and share their experience to help others,” says Viewpoints General Manager Denise Chudy.

One Comment on “No No Hair Removal Reviews: Viewpoints Consumers Say Don’t Buy”

  1. Hair Removal says:

    i have tried Nono hair removal and it is really a great product! I don’t get it why Viewpoints are unhappy with this. Well, I guess we got different views about things. But I am very sure I love Nono hair removal.

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