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Best Space Heaters on Viewpoints: Safety, Comfort, Cost Are Key

Viewpoints logoPortable space heaters can save money, but safety is a must. Reviewers on Viewpoints, a leading consumer reviews and product rankings website, say three heaters are best all-around.

Chicago – Oct. 8, 2012 – With winter approaching, shoppers looking to buy portable space heaters should consider three models with positive reviews on Viewpoints ( Each uses different technologies to warm the home.


Best Convection Heater

DeLonghi Portable Oil-Filled Electric Radiator EW7707CB/CM  (rated 85/100 – $50)

DeLonghi Portable Oil-Filled Electric Radiator EW7707CB_CM

DeLonghi Portable Oil-Filled Electric Radiator gets positive reviews on Viewpoints as a safe and effective convection heater.

Convection heaters create warmth by heating oil up to the desired temperature, allowing the warmed oil to continue heating the room. Since there’s no fan or moving parts, it’s a great choice for quiet spaces, like the bedroom:

“I am able to place this heater in whatever room I’m going to be spending the most time in … allowing me to turn my whole house heater thermostat down.” – cstephens


The Holmes Portable Quartz Tower Heater gets positive reviews for generating a lot of heat safely.

Best Radiant Heater

Holmes Portable Quartz Tower Heater with 1Touch HQH319-U  (rated 87/100 – $45)

A radiant heater warms objects in a room — perfect for a drafty home. Chilly users will also feel the heat sooner than from slower-to-warm liquid radiators. It also has a safety shut-off to prevent overheating or in case it falls over. One reviewer raved about the efficiency:

“This little heater gives big heat for the money.” – kathi26

Best Combination Heater

Lasko Portable Digital Ceramic Tower 755320 (rated 90/100 – $51)


One of the best all-around basic space heaters on Viewpoints is the Lasko Portable Digital Ceramic Tower.

This popular model features a quiet fan that blows warm air throughout a room, and the oscillating feature ensures a quick warm-up time with even heat. It comes with a remote control, programmable thermostat and 8-hour timer:

“My darling cats have tipped it more than once, but the heater shuts off right away, so I feel safe leaving the room for a few minutes.” – renhoek1

Research on Viewpoints before you buy

“When comparing space heaters, shoppers are seeking reassurance. Online consumer reviews, like those on Viewpoints, provide consumers that peace of mind,” says Viewpoints General Manager Denise Chudy.
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