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How To Become a Viewpoints Category Expert

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Viewpoints is a website that collects and shares honest reviews based on real-life experiences, without advertiser influence or spin. Now it’s adding expert reviews. is home to 496,000+ trusted consumer reviews. It’s now adding expert reviews and advice to provide even greater product insight.

Viewpoints (, a leading consumer reviews website, is forming a panel of experts to guide consumers in making the overall smartest purchase decision for their budget and needs.

The Viewpoints experts will provide insights that consumer reviews alone cannot, like product previews, tests of new products, head-to-head brand comparisons and brand recommendations.

This program rewards the expert writers based on audience engagement with the content they help create, as measured by page views and commenting. Only those individuals with a social media following and who are in the position to contribute regular articles and video content on Viewpoints will be considered.

Priority categories

Specialists are needed in the following categories:

Air Conditioners Diapers Mixers
Airlines Diet Pills Online Degrees
Acne & Blemish Treatments Diets Ovens
Anti-Aging Skin Care Dishwashers Paint
Baby Bottles Facial Moisturizer Refrigerators
Baby Formula General Household Cleaners Rental Cars
Baby Shampoo & Body Wash Grills Sewing Machines
Blenders Hair Coloring Shampoo (Hair Products)
Body Lotions Hair Conditioner Shopping Websites
Bread Machines Home Technology Space Heaters
Cable TV Providers Pet Care Streaming Services
Cell Providers Insurance Strollers
Clothes Dryers Kitchen Ranges Toaster Ovens
Coffee Makers Leaf Blowers Treadmills (Fitness)
Credit Cards Mattresses Vacuums
Crock Pots & Slow Cookers Mortgage Lenders Vitamins, Herbs and Minerals
Detergent Microwave Ovens Washing Machines

How to apply

Industry professionals, consultants or those with previous work experience in the listed fields are invited to apply to become a Viewpoints category expert, regardless of previous writing experience.

Interested individuals should email Carol Fowler, Vice President of Content at or call 312-447-6112.

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