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Viewpoints Pulse: Connecting Brands and Reviewers

Reviews are easy and affordable to collect, manage and promote with the new Viewpoints Pulse.


Chicago, IL (January 20, 2014) – Viewpoints, a consumer reviews platform, today announced the launch of Viewpoints Pulse, a new service that provides product manufacturers and service providers an easy and cost-effective way to collect reviews of their products and services. The result will be game changing for both consumers and brands by bringing a new level of transparency and accountability to the marketplace.

Consumer reviews are more influential than ever

Viewpoints Pulse

Real-world product feedback is now driving most purchase decisions.

In December 2013, the New York Times reported “a fundamental shift in how consumers make decisions” because of online product information and user reviews. Brand claims are rapidly losing ground to real-world feedback. A Nielsen study (“Under the Influence: Consumer Trust in Advertising,” Sept., 2013) finds consumers now trust consumer opinions posted online more than any other form of editorial content and traditional advertising. The 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer goes a step further: “Peer-to-peer dialogue (is) changing the conversation. Influence has moved from the few to the many. Today’s world requires a new approach to build and maintain trust.”

Viewpoints Pulse represents that new approach. “Historically it was cost prohibitive and time-consuming for brands to collect reviews. Brands didn’t have the technology, staff or expertise to moderate reviews. They also didn’t have the analytics to learn from the reviews, and perhaps most of all, it was difficult to find consumers willing to take the time to write a high quality review,” says Matt Moog, CEO and Founder of Viewpoints. “Current vendors dealt with this by charging sky-high prices while only providing the technology backend. They weren’t helping brands find consumers to write the reviews. We’re excited to offer Viewpoints Pulse because it addresses these challenges head on.”

Benefits of Viewpoints Pulse


Viewpoints Pulse is a tool to help brands collect, manage and promote reviews of their products and services.


To collect reviews, brands are given a product-specific review form to which they can direct their customers. Pulse customers can also list new products on the Viewpoints platform to make sure their most recent products receive reviews. Viewpoints also provides brands with embeddable links and widgets that can be promoted on their brand site, on Facebook, Twitter, and in customer e-mails. Additionally, as a benefit of Pulse, Viewpoints can activate its 500,000+ members to write reviews of products and services listed on the platform.


Reviewers rate each aspect of their experience using a product from 1-10.


Once brands have collected reviews, Viewpoints Pulse provides tools to help manage those reviews. Review management includes a) E-mail alerts when new reviews are written, b) Insight reports updated in real-time that show what consumers are saying about their products and how they stack up against other products and c) The ability to reply to reviews as an authorized representative of the brand. Brands may also upload additional product photos and official manufacturer descriptions of the product. Viewpoints also provides human moderation and technology-driven filtering to assure review quality and authenticity.


Once brands have collected and managed the reviews, they can then promote the reviews. Viewpoints Pulse provides embeddable widgets to the brands that help them display the score, attribute ratings, review headlines and full review text on their site and retailers’ e-commerce sites. Additionally every review is sharable by the reviewer and the brand on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Viewpoints Pulse

Pulse displays real-time product ratings and reviews on brand and retail sites.

Viewpoints also has a partnership with Google to provide a regular feed of product and merchant reviews giving the Pulse reviews additional visibility in Google search results. With reviews on Viewpoints, brands also become eligible for the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards and can proudly display these badges on their website, product packaging and in advertising.

How to get Viewpoints Pulse

Viewpoints CEO Matt Moog

Viewpoints CEO Matt Moog

“Brands need to ask themselves: Does your brand have a pulse? Are consumers talking about your products? Are you listening? Are you responding? Are you learning? If not, it’s time to get Viewpoints Pulse,” says Moog.

To find out more information about Viewpoints Pulse and pricing, contact or call 866-447-4411.

Viewpoints ( is the only customer product review platform where people can engage transparently with brands and with each other to gain insights that help them discover the best products to meet their individual needs. Viewpoints features 600,000+ consumer reviews on 37,000+ everyday products for the kitchen, home and garden, health, bath and beauty, baby and kids, plus e-commerce and money categories. The Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards recognize exceptional products based on the strength of consumer sentiment. Both reviews and ratings are available free of charge and without registration.

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