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Reaching in-market consumers while they are actively weighing a purchase decision is one of the most powerful avenues to drive brand awareness, traffic, and sales. Our propriety data helps brands connect with consumers with the right message at the right time. We do this by activating consumers to talk about their experiences with products, and then translate this sentiment data into insights about consumer preferences, shopping behavior, and purchase intentions. attracts a savvy group of consumers with one thing in common: they care about the reliability, long-term durability, and design of the products they bring into their homes. Not just passive researchers, our audience is motivated to talk about their experiences and help other consumers make smarter decisions. More than 800k reviews of 100k consumer products have been shared by 250k contributors on Viewpoints, and over 60 million consumers have been influenced by these points of view.

Let us connect you to the millions of consumers who visit Viewpoints every month in search of the true story on product quality and performance.