ViewpointsOur Company

160×600 Skyscraper

Advertiser must provide:

  • 50KB Static image and/or 50KB Javascript file
  • 1×1 Click and/or Impression trackers to use (if applicable)

GDN specifications:

  • 50KB initial load
  • 200KB per panel
  • 2.2MB max Polite load
  • Panels must contain a prominent Close X in 16pt font or larger on the corner of the unit
  • Audio must be user initiated
  • Animation: User-initiated action must be 30 seconds or less (2 mins if video)
  • Expansion: Expand and Close on click only
  • Depending on its placement on a given page, the ad must be built as a multi-directional ad unit, designed to expand either left/right to a maximum size of 320×600
  • No third party studies and/or surveys maybe integrated into the ad
  • Please visit the GDN website for additional specifications

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