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640×480 Interstitial

As a user navigates from page to page, the Interstitial ad unit serves as a full page overlay ad. The full-page ad will then timeout after 10 seconds before rendering the website. This unit is either third party served or site-served by

Advertiser must provide:

  • 640×480 Static image (if created by advertiser)
  • 1×1 Click and/or Impression trackers (if applicable)
  • Branding assets including fonts, logos, product images and/or messaging (if created by Viewpoints) specifications

  • Ad unit can be third party or site served
  • 640×480 60KB static image
  • 60KB Flash
  • No expansion allowed
  • Ad will disappear automatically in 15 seconds
  • ‘Skip Ad’ button will appear for users to close ad before 15 seconds

2 Comments on “640×480 Interstitial”

  1. Tracey Lindeman says:

    I would like to advertise our candle products and our work at home opportunity.