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728×90 Leaderboard

As a user navigates from page to page on a tablet, the Leaderboard unit will serve at the top of the page above the content. The unit is dynamic and will fit both portrait and landscape formats. This unit takes the place of the 970×66 unit. The Leaderboard is third party or site served by

Advertiser must provide:

  • 40KB Static image (.jpg/.gif) or Flash (.swf) file and branding file and fonts (if necessary)
  • 1×1 Click and/or Impression trackers (if applicable) specifications:

  • 40KB static image and/or Flash file
  • 40KB back up static image (if applicable)
  • If tablet is not Flash ready, creative must be able to render back up static image
  • Z-index Range: Standard Ads: 0-4,999
  • Unit is responsively designed to fit tablets using the portrait or landscape formats
  • No expansion allowed

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