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970×66 OPA Pushdown

As a user navigates from page to page, the OPA Pushdown unit that automatically expands downward pushing the site content down with it, expanding creative opportunities and capturing audience attention. The Pushdown unit then auto collapses into a persistent ad on the page that can be expanded by users for additional information and functionality. This OPA unit is 970×66 in its collapsed state and 970×418 expanded. This is third party served as a push down, or site served by if it is a static image.

Advertiser must provide:

  • Flash file 40KB for initial load (collapsed state) and 80KB for subsequent load (expanded sate)
  • 40KB fall back Static image
  • 1×1 Click and/or Impression trackers (if applicable) specifications:

  • Dimensions: Collapsed: 970×66; Expanded: 970×418
  • Minimum Flash version 9 – Flash versions prior to 9 may not render all content properly
  • Expansion:  Auto expansion frequency capped at 1 per user per day for the first impression, subsequent expansions must be user initiated on click
  • Z-index Range: Standard Ads: 0-4,999; Expanding Ads: 5,000
  • Animation: 15 seconds on frequency capped auto expansion, 30 seconds max for subsequent user initiated expansions
  • May include video capabilities if hosted by advertiser
  • The ad must collapse if the user clicks the close button OR if the user does not interact with the user initiated expanded ad for 8 seconds.
  • Close, play, pause, mute buttons must be visible during expanded state
  • 970×66 static image can also run for no expanded state

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