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High Impact Advertising

Engage In-Market Buyers
Advertising on enables you to engage and influence valuable, highly receptive in-market buyers while they are in the mindset to make a purchase. We offer custom advertising packages that combine branding, lead generation, social media, mobile and direct response solutions to help you achieve your unique marketing goals. Take advantage of a variety of premium, above-the-fold placements online or in selective, highly targeted email opportunities. Viewpoints supports all major rich media formats and welcomes the opportunity to work with clients to develop custom programs.

Brand Building Display Ads
Speak to relevant consumers by placing your message in the right context for in-market buyers while they conduct research and make buying decisions. Viewpoints specializes in working with our clients to develop the right combination of media to ensure your message is heard throughout the entire purchase cycle.  Whether you are launching a product, generating awareness, or driving sales, we’ll design a program to fit your needs.

Sponsored Listings
In addition to brand advertising, Viewpoints offers highly integrated sponsored listing units that appear in line with the content on category and product pages. These units can be custom designed to achieve key brand objectives such as driving sales with special offers, differentiating your products with video demonstrations, and buying guides. The Viewpoints creative team will work to ensure your message gets strategically delivered with impact.

Brand Showcase
Create a compelling, customized brand destination on Viewpoints for deeper engagement with consumers. Showcase new or best-selling products, product lines, or suites of products along with videos and editorial especially produced by our creative and editorial team.

Whether you are launching a product, generating awareness, or driving sales, we look forward to working with you to find a program that meets your needs. Contact us today.