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Sampling & Review Generation Programs

Start a Conversation about Your Brand
Viewpoints users talk the talk: our robust Social Influencer programs harness the power of genuine consumer word-of-mouth. Get your product into the hands of highly influential consumers who generate interest, excitement, and sales by reviewing their experience and sharing their genuine opinions with their own social network and the entire Viewpoints community. Providing benefits beyond Viewpoints, the Social Influencer program makes it easy for you to leverage social media tools to extend and amplify reviewers’ word-of-mouth across search engines and the social web.

Engage Influential Consumers
Meaningful product intelligence in action: the Social Influencer program connects you with highly influential and qualified consumers who are active contributors within the Viewpoints community and beyond. More than 95% of our Social Influencers talk about the products they’ve sampled with the Viewpoints community as well as their extensive network of friends, family, and other consumers across social networks.

Maximize Impact for Your Brand
Viewpoints’ customized three-prong strategy generates maximum impact for your brand. First, reviews are presented on Enhanced Brand Pages on, which surround them with extensive product details, Where To Buy links (when appropriate), video, and road-blocked brand advertising. We then optimize reviews to ensure they can be quickly and easily found in search engines by other consumers, thus becoming a resource for anyone looking for information about your product in the future. Finally, we identify the most powerful, positive, and credible reviews and integrate them into follow-up marketing promotions on the Viewpoints network, on brand sites, and even in advertising campaigns on third-party sites.

Gain Unique Insight
Reviewers become a real-time focus group that you can leverage for timely feedback on products, packaging, pricing, service, and a variety of other issues. Snapshot polls, in-depth consumer surveys and reviewer sentiment tracking are tools we use to alert brands to any themes that emerge during the campaign.

Our Values, Our Promise
The power of our site is in the credibility of our content. While we can activate our members around specific campaigns, we will never do so in a way that is dishonest. We are  transparent, straight-forward and consistent with all word-of-mouth best practices and guidelines. We do this because we care about our brand and yours.

Whether you are launching a new product or looking for feedback on a current product, we look forward to working with you to find a program that meets your needs.
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